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Jervois M provides technology and expertise to help manage your brand and connect with your customers. From social media monitoring and data analysis, to digital PR and crisis handling, we have these all covered for you.

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Why Jervois M

Why JM

A.I. technology-driven
social monitoring tool

As the co-developer of a social monitoring tool (, Jervois M (JM) helps you capture new social mentions every 15 minutes, covering major social media (including Telegram groups).


With 95% precision, the tool accurately interprets the Cantonese language of local netizens and distinguish sentiments in local linguistic patterns - improving continuously.


Your best working partner to gain insights

Jervois M gathered a company of journalists, data scientists, market researchers, social media analysts, and PRs who can precisely pinpoint problems as well as turn data into actionable insights, creative and exposure.


With cross-specialists synergy, we are your best go-to partner for solutions in social monitoring, social listening and crisis management. 


Brand health and crisis detection

It is easy to hide one comment, but it is more difficult to make a proper response to satisfy your customers. Jervois M provides digital PR solutions, such as user-generated content campaigns, influencers creative write-up, advertorial angles, placing positive footprints, or shifting netizens' focus so to improve social media sentiment and minimize the impact of a crisis.

How social listening works for your brand?

Social Analytics Tool

With our social analytics tool, you can identify brand mentions accurately in real time across various social media channels, forums, blogs, news media, and many more!

Social Monitoring

Be proactive to upcoming buzz. Our instant alert system closely watches online conversations, making sure you can adapt appropriate strategy and prevent any negatives becoming real damage.

Social Listening

Get to know about how your competitors are performing, and stay on top of  the influencers. You have our team of specialists to analyse your brand's sentiment, and to recommend social strategy to maximise marketing outcome.

Digital PR

Never stop at the end of understanding. It is critical to improve your brand's sentiment to prevent crisis. And in times of PR crisis, our team helps you analyse the situation, rebuild the brand image and communicate better with your customers. 

Our Clients


Cathay Pacific Airways

To improve Cathay Pacific's branding and online sentiment, we have been providing an all-rounded service for understanding their customer and improving their image on social media.

Services include social monitoring for crisis prevention, social listening for competitor analysis, market situation updates, and sentiment analysis, as well as evaluation for campaign development.

For example, Cathay offered plane service to deliver passengers from Japan to Hong Kong during the early outbreak stage of Covid-19, besides, we analyzed how customers reacted to new airline routes and new meal menu. 

These services allow Cathay Pacific to deliver online communications to improve customer experiences and satisfaction.

Our Clients
Our Team

Meet The Team

Jervois M (JM) is a brand new marketing agency specialised in social media monitoring, trend forecasting and crisis management.


JM partners with, a social analytics platform that helps marketers and enterprises forecast and analyse social media trends for digital marketing and crisis management initiatives.

Our team consists of social media research and PR specialists with experiences working with industries such as airlines, banking, transportation, properties, NGOs...and many more. 

It is our mission to be your best trusted partner in growing your business as well as the concrete bridge connecting your target audience on social media.

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