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From Chaos
To Control

Expert Social Media Monitoring and
Crisis Management Solutions

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Why Jervois M

Why JM

AI Tool for Complete Social Media and News Coverage

Co-developing an AI monitoring tool that encompasses social media posts, forum discussions, and news articles in both Hong Kong and mainland China. 


Cross-Specialist Team for Comprehensive Solutions

Our team comprises former journalists, PR professionals, marketing specialists, and data analysts, bringing diverse expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions.


Streamlined Solutions: Your One-Stop Destination

Experience a seamless digital PR journey with our comprehensive services, including monitoring, PR consultancy, crisis management action plans all under one roof.

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AI-powered monitoring tool


Instantly analyze all online media sources


Automatic categorization of online conversations by sentiment and impact


Real-time notifications and customized alert through WhatsApp


Intelligent pattern detection for potential crisis flagging


Forecast social trends

Act Before It Escalates:
Proactive Crisis Management In 3 Steps

1. Real-Time Monitoring
and Analysis

Advanced tool for regular or campaign-based social and news monitoring

2. Risk Evaluation

Proactive social listening with regular updates and reports; Instant flagging of potential crises

3. Crisis Management

Expert consultancy and action plans, including seeding, neutralization, influencer marketing, and media buying

Our Clients

Our Team

Meet The Team

Jervois M (JM) is a brand new marketing agency specialised in social media monitoring, trend forecasting and crisis management.


JM partners with, a social analytics platform that helps marketers and enterprises forecast and analyse social media trends for digital marketing and crisis management initiatives.

Our team consists of social media research and PR specialists with experiences working with industries such as airlines, banking, transportation, properties, NGOs...and many more. 

It is our mission to be your best trusted partner in growing your business as well as the concrete bridge connecting your target audience on social media.

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