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Digital Marketing

As the pandemic situation accelerates the digital transformation, social media monitoring and listening is no longer only used by PR practitioners. Jervois M provides one-stop service to help saving digital marketers' time and effort in analyzing conversations and trends on the social media space in Hong Kong.


Scroll down to see how we can help qualifying your digital strategy.

Improve social media campaigns

Tracking campaign buzz and netizens' reactions in real-time, and getting insights on improving reach and engagements. Jervois M adds value by providing analysis and insights with in-depth social listening, so that you can focus more on enhancing future social strategy.

Optimize content strategy

With our AI-powered Trending Topics, you get to know the rising trends of a certain topic, person or industry, which imply a high impact to go viral for a certain period of time. It is highly demanded for understanding consumer needs and for writing trendjacking contents.

Customizable dashboards to share social media insights

You may have different KPIs for various monitoring scope. And to make things much more easier to share and present with your team members, customizable dashboards are available at your choice.

Analyze brand sentiment

Monitor your brand's mentions on social media with accurate language interpretation and sentiment analysis, powered by intelligent A.I. engine. Spot negative sentiment and provide appropriate response promptly.

Industry & competitors analysis

Understand how, why and where people discuss and compare your products and services against other competitors. Better plan your social strategy with our in-depth social listening analysis, which is available at a monthly, quarterly basis. Reporting contents are customizable at your request. 

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