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PR & Communications

You never want to notice the outbreak of a crisis after it has gone viral, right?


Jervois M provides services for corporate PR and public affairs professionals to capture and understand public reactions with social media monitoring services. By listening carefully to the conversations across news and social media platforms, you can better protect your brand reputation, and intelligently gather useful insights for planning future strategies or influencing public policies.


Scroll down to see how we can better protect your brand reputation.

Track and monitor PR impact

Save your time in screening every bits and pieces. In times of corporate events such as CSR project and publicity campaigns, our social monitoring tool helps to capture public reactions in near real time.

Build & Improve Brand Image

In times of prolonged crisis, we help you monitor and control the impact. Our digital PR team helps to provide content and media strategy to handle the situation, and improve the brand image.

Ad-hoc monitoring and reporting

Ad-hoc reporting service is also available, such as for monitoring online conversations, analyzing comments and complaints, summarizing crisis situation and learnings....etc. 

Crisis Monitoring Alert

To be proactive about any potential crisis, instant WhatsApp message alert is available with the social media monitoring service, notifying you the related post with sentiment analysis.

Summarise Public Opinions

Keep track of public issues that impacts your organization. We collect social media data and analyse massive amount of mentions and public reactions, as well as uncover media and influencers that talk about the issues.

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